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Rivian Auto workers are forming a union and demanding fairness, respect and a voice on the job. 

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There’s strength in numbers. The IAM is  600,000 members strong and fighting every day to improve our jobs.


You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind. Unions assure our jobs are secure and protect us against undue punishment.


IAM members sit down with their managers and negotiate over wages, benefits and more. That’s having a voice on the job.

What’s an Authorization Card? 

Collecting authorization cards is how we know there’s a genuine interest in forming a Union. Once enough cards are collected, we can petition the federal goverment for a Union election. Signing a card does not mean you have joined the Union. That’s an entirely seperate process. Don’t let management scare you with misleading information about the authorization card. Otherwise, they win and provide themselves even more control over the workforce.  Take a moment and watch a short video explaining the authorization card. 

IAM Members Live Better

The International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (IAM) represents roughly 600,00 workers across North America. That includes healthcare, aerospace, air and rail transport, manufacturing, distribution center and public-sector workers – just to name a few.

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The Benefits of Belonging

More Money

Union members earn roughly $200 more every week than non-members. But it’s so much more than that. It’s about negotiating with your bosses over set wage increases that can’t change at management’s whim.


A union-negotiated contract puts rules in place that allow you to do your job without fear of retaliation or unjust treatment. If you feel those rules have been broken, you have the legal right to appeal through a grievance procedure. As a result, everyone is treated with respect.

Safety & Health

We’re always looking to push programs that educate workers about potential on-the-job safety hazards. Many unionized workplaces have “safety committees” that provide workers a voice in maintaining health and safety in the workplace. Finally, unions ensure employers are held accountable for the safety conditions at their worksite.

Paid Time Off

Some 87 percent of union workers have access to paid sick days, compared to 69 percent of non-union workers. Roughly 89 percent of union workers get paid vacation and holidays, compared to roughly 75 percent of non-union workers.

Women and Human Rights

The IAM’s Women and Human Rights Department creates programs and strategies to encourage Local Lodges to establish Women’s and/or Human Rights committees; and for those committees to enact and maintain equality and diversity programs beneficial to union members, their families and their communities.

Your Rights Under the Law

Under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), you and your co-workers have certain rights when it comes to forming a union.

You have the right to form, join or assist a union.

You have the right to distribute union literature, wear union t-shirts, ask co-workers to sign authorization cards and discuss the union with co-workers on non-work time.

Supervisors and management are not allowed to spy on you, coercively question you, threaten you or bribe you regarding your union activity.

You have the right to organize a union to negotiate with your employer over your wages, benefits and other working conditions.

Your employer cannot prohibit you from talking about or soliciting for a union during non-work time (including before and after work or during breaks).

You can’t be fired, disciplined, demoted,  or penalized for engaging in any of the above mentioned activities.

Source: NLRB.gov

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